North Yorkshire Together – Commitment to Safeguarding

North Yorkshire Together is committed to making activities we support and fund a safe as possible for all young people.  

We firmly believe that everyone has the right to take part in art, culture, physical activity, sport and enrichment activities free from harm, bullying or persecution and that these activities can play a significant role in the social, emotional, physical and moral development of children & young people. Enrichment activities help young people grow and develop, and can provide opportunities for enjoyment and achievement. Young people also develop valuable qualities such as leadership, confidence and self-esteem.

Everyone has the right to have fun, be safe and free from harm whether attending a summer sports camp, attending and arts groups or being part of a local youth club.

North Yorkshire Together has a duty of care for children & young people who take part in activities, or access services, that we provide and fund (Children’s Act 2004 / The Care Act 2014). North Yorkshire Together is a partnership between Rural Arts, North Yorkshire Sport and North Yorkshire Youth, our safeguarding policies and procedures and procedures are detailed below:

If you are concerned about the welfare of a young person attending any North Yorkshire Together sessions please contact – / 01845 980141

We take our duty to safeguard and promote the welfare of children & young people very seriously and it is a fundamental part of all aspects of the partnerships work. Our safeguarding work with our provider network is detailed here.

North Yorkshire Together Provider Commitment to Safeguarding

North Yorkshire Together works closely with a range of arts, culture, youth club, physical activity and sports providers across the County to deliver the FEAST North Yorkshire Programme.

All FEAST delivery partners running activities for young people under 18 and adults at risk are required to adhere to Safeguarding & Best Practice arrangements as detailed below.


In funding and supporting these activities we discharge safeguarding responsibilities to ensure they are delivering safe and fun sessions where young people can enjoy and get the very best from their involvement in the activities.

All FEAST providers are required to complete the above and outline measures they have in place across the followings key areas:

  • Child Protection / Safeguarding Policy
  • Procedures
  • Prevention
  • Communication & Partnership
  • Education & Training
  • Review & Monitoring

If you are concerned about the welfare of a young person attending any North Yorkshire Together sessions please contact – / 01845 980141

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