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FEAST Application Form 2024

Thank you for your for your interest in and commitment to supporting children and young people over the school holidays.

Research has shown that the school holidays can be pressure points for some families, and evidence shows that free holiday activities can have a positive impact on children and young people. FEAST, funded by the Department for Education's Holiday Activities and Food programme, is a response to this issue.

Please make sure before completing your application that you have fully reviewed our Application Guidance.

You may also wish to draft your responses on the Word version of this application form. You cannot submit this Word document as an application. Applications received in this format will not be considered.

You can save your current progress and return to it later using the function at the bottom of the page.

Information about your organisation

If you plan on running separate activities across multiple sites, you need to make individual applications for each setting. If doing so, please differentiate each setting in your Organisation Name, e.g. North Yorkshire Together (Selby) / North Yorkshire Together (Craven).
If your organisation is more than one of the above, please select the most appropriate. If 'Other', please confirm your organisation type in 'Organisation Description' below.
Write this in a way that is accessible to FEAST-eligible families, as this description will be public on our website.
This address will be shared with North Yorkshire Council and other relevant third parties to provide you with supporting material for your FEAST activities.

About your proposed FEAST activities

Make sure to include here the name your customers know you by here, e.g., 'North Yorkshire Together Summer Fun'. Do NOT just use 'Summer Fun', as this will not stand out on your listing on our website.
Please write an engaging and accessible description, as this will go on our website and will need to stand out to secure bookings. This should be at least 50 words.
The vast majority of FEAST activity will take place in a North Yorkshire district. If you are planning a trip/visit into another county, select Other.
The vast majority of applicants should select 'No' to this answer. FEAST activities should be open to a wide range of young people, and meeting new people is a core element of the programme. However, some specialist provision (e.g. SEND, young carers) may not be appropriate unless the young person is previously known to the activity provider.
FEAST-eligible young people must be in Reception - Year 11 (or up to Year 13 if SEND). We appreciate that these ranges may not align with your activity (e.g., 8 - 12 years). Please choose the most appropriate ranges - e.g. 7 - 11, 11-14 - and make clear in your activity description the age ranges that can attend.
Please give as much detail as possible, e.g., Wednesday 27th December 2023, 10am - 2pm, Friday 29th December 2023, 9am - 5pm. Please avoid unspecific dates, e.g. 'First Weds, Thurs and Fri of holidays', or 'Every weekday'. This information will be listed on our website, so it needs to be as clear and precise as possible.
If your activity will have a number of locations - e.g. a community centre for four days, with a trip to the beach on one day - please include the most frequently used venue. Only use one venue name. This will be listed publicly on our website.
Please use the venue’s full address, with no contractions or abbreviations, including post code.
If you haven't reached out yet, we suggest you do this as soon as possible.
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