Downloadable Resources

Wildlife Activity Pack

This activity pack aims to inspire young people to retain an awareness and consideration of nature during the harsh winter months, which can often put families and young people off going outside and appreciating what our local environment has to offer!

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Guide to Making Your Own Sensory Kit

Taking advice from teachers and parents, Variety have compile these simple tips and tricks to help make life easier and calmer at home. The activities may benefit young people with Autism, ADHD, or other sensory processing challenges.

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Ideas To Keep Active At Home

This activity sheet has a wide range of ideas that don’t need equipment or lots of space, they’re just fun ways to get moving!

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Bag A Breakfast

Kickstart your day with a delicious, healthy breakfast. This information sheet has lots of tips to make eating healthy easier.

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Craft Guide: Collage

Get inspiration to turn scrap materials into works of art.

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Cookery Lyns Pizza

Make your own delicious pizzas at home!

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Drain Your Drinks

Drinking enough water is an essential part of a health lifestyle.

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Eatwell Guide

Love Your Lunchbox

Online Resources to Help You Keep Active At Home

Paper Weaving Craft Instructions

Turn scrap paper into something new using this nifty trick to weave paper.

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Pom Pom Craft Instructions

Make your own pom poms easily! Decorate a  wooly hat, make them into little characters, or create something new entirely.

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Fun on the Farm Wraps

Recipe for a delicious nutritious wrap!

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Resistance Band Excersises

Excersises using only a resistance band. Minimal space needed, suitable for a wide range of abilities and mobility levels.

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Sketching Craft Instructions

Learn different techniques to improve your sketching.

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Strive for Five

Watercolour Craft Instructions

Learn different techniques to improve your watercolour painting.

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