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Funding to support holiday clubs across North Yorkshire

Do you want to receive a grant to deliver free holiday activities for young people on benefits related Free School Meals? Are you already running activity that you could offer free places on if you received a grant? Read on to find out more!

The Department for Education is providing funding to local authorities to coordinate a holiday programme offer combining provision of healthy food and enriching activities to children in receipt of benefits-related Free School Meals.

North Yorkshire County Council has commissioned North Yorkshire Together, a partnership between Rural Arts, North Yorkshire Sport and North Yorkshire Youth, as lead provider for the programme in North Yorkshire. North Yorkshire Together is seeking applications from private, voluntary, and public sector organisations to enable delivery of a rich and diverse offer in key locations across the county. This opportunity will be of interest to existing holiday activity providers, schools, sports coaching, creative and performing arts providers and many others.

 We are accepting applications from providers for delivery over Christmas holidays!

Who can apply? 

Anyone with the skills and insurances to run great activities! You could be a sole-trader, a community group, charity, business etc.

What’s the application process?

We want the application process to be as straight-forward and supportive as possible. We have an online application form with set questions, but your answers don’t have to be exhaustive – and we’re only an email away if you want any advice or guidance. (Although we do suggest you check out our FAQs first!)

The level of grant you receive is based on the amount of places you can offer to young people on benefits-related Free School Meals, and the overall cost of your activities.

We’re asking for organisations to aim for a maximum of £16 per eligible young person per half-day for primary age, and £20 for secondary. Of course, two-half days make a full day, so you could be applying for up to £40 per child per day!

If your costs are higher than this – speak to us, explain why this needs to be, and we can still consider your application.


Early applications are advised to maximise your planning time.

Deadline 1:  1st November at 6pm
Outcome of application: Friday 5th November

Deadline 2: 29th November at 6pm
Outcome of application: Friday 3rd December 

Applications submitted in advance of a deadline may receive an outcome before the stated dates as we will review applications on a rolling basis.

FEAST Provider Application Guidance

Target Audience

This holiday provision is for children who are eligible for and / or receive benefits-related free school meals. The provision is to be free of charge to these children. Attendance is voluntary.

We encourage providers to make the holiday clubs available at a charge to children not eligible for and / or in receipt of free school meals.

Provision could be:

  • bespoke
  • part of existing holiday provision in the area
  • a mixed arrangement depending on local supply and demand
Programme Aims

Children who attend this provision will:

  • eat more healthily over the school summer holidays.
  • be more active during the school summer holidays.
  • take part in engaging and enriching activities which support the development of resilience, character, and well-being along with their wider educational attainment.
  • be safe and not socially isolated.
  • gain a better understanding of health and nutrition.
  • be more engaged with school and other local services.

We also want the families whose children participate in this programme to:

  • develop their understanding of nutrition and food budgeting.
  • be signposted towards other information and support, for example around health, employment, and education.
Holiday Activities and Food Programme (HAF) Framework of Standards

Provision must meet the following standards:


Providers must provide at least one meal a day (breakfast, lunch, or tea) and all food (including snacks) must meet school food standards.

We expect that the majority of food served by providers will be hot. However, we acknowledge that there will be occasions when this is not possible, and a cold alternative is acceptable.

All food provided as part of the programme must:

  • comply with regulations on food preparation:
  • take into account allergies and dietary requirements.
  • take into account any religious or cultural dietary requirements.

If any prospective provider is unable to provide food which meets these standards, we can support you to access packed lunches that fully meet the requirements.

Enriching activities

Holiday clubs must provide fun and enriching age-appropriate activities which provide children with opportunities to:

  • develop new skills or knowledge
  • consolidate existing skills and knowledge.
  • try out new experiences.

Providers must offer physical activities and nutritional education. Provision can also include creative activities, for example, drama, music, arts and crafts, and experiences which could be, for example, a nature walk or farm visit.

We welcome bids that demonstrate supporting children’s use of fine motor skills.

Physical activities Holiday clubs must provide daily activities to meet physical activity guidelines. Physical activity for children and young people infographic

Nutritional education

Providers must include a daily element of nutritional education aimed at improving children’s knowledge and awareness of healthy eating. This does not need to be a formal learning activity but could include activities such as:

  • Involving children in food preparation and cooking.
  • growing fruit and vegetables
  • taste tests

Food education for families and carers

Providers must include food and nutrition training and advice sessions for parents, carers, or other family members at least once a week. Sessions should provide advice on how to source, prepare and cook nutritious and low-cost food.

Signposting and referrals

Holiday clubs must be able to provide information, signposting or referrals to other services and support which would benefit the children who attend their provision and their families. This could include services related to budgeting, health, housing, employment and training. Other organisations and professionals could be involved. Examples follow:

  • Citizens Advice
  • School nurses, dentists, or other healthcare practitioners
  • Family support services or children’s services
  • Housing support officers
  • Jobcentre Plus
  • Libraries
  • Organisations providing financial education.

Policies and procedures

Holiday clubs must be able to demonstrate and explain their safeguarding arrangements. They must have appropriate insurance cover and relevant and appropriate policies and procedures for:

  • Safeguarding
  • Health and safety
  • Accessibility and inclusiveness


Applying To Be A Provider

Applications are invited from private and voluntary sector activity providers, including schools, to apply for funding to deliver these holiday activity and food schemes.

Please ensure that all sections of the application form are completed. All applications must be submitted to

Deadline for applications

Deadline 1:  1st November at 6pm
Deadline 2: 29th November at 6pm

Reporting requirements

Providers will be required to complete and submit monitoring and evaluation forms by 10th January 2022. Information will include but is not limited to:

  Primary-aged Secondary-aged 
Eligible / Non-SEND    
Eligible / SEND    
Non-FSM-eligible / non-SEND    
Non-FSM-eligible / SEND    
TOTAL number of HAF-funded attendees    
Other – free    
Other – paid-for    
TOTAL number of attendees    
Average number of days attended by participants    
  • Any wider impact your sessions have had on those attending.
  • Participants’ feedback
  • Parents’ or Carers’ feedback

Financial reporting will include

  • A breakdown of expenditure
  • A breakdown of any unspent grant.

If the above framework is raising any concerns around your ability to be involved in the program, please get in touch so we can discuss how we may be able to support your application.

Support for providers

North Yorkshire Together have set up a dedicated email address to support all potential providers’ queries.

Please contact us if you have any questions about potential delivery or completing the application form –

FAQs for Providers

How much can I apply for?

There is no lower or upper limit for applications – however, during the application process we will assess whether the spread of provision is fair across North Yorkshire and if there are any issues, very large applications in areas of high concentration may be reduced.

We are aware that each opportunity will incur different costs dependant on location, target participant group and type of activity being delivered. But we are asking providers to keep in mind that we do have limited resources which equate approximately to:

  • Primary age £16 per child per day (4 hours).
  • Secondary age £20 per child per day (4 hours).
What can the grant cover?
  • The cost of the child’s place (covering staff, premises, resource, and business costs). This amount should not be any more than your usual costs.
  • The cost of providing nutritious meals.
  • Administration costs associated with marketing and booking places for FSM eligible children, parental liaison, and engagement, at a value of no more than 10% of the project cost
Can we include costs for transport?

Projects are asked to be innovative in approaches to accessibility. Where possible project sites should be accessible by public transport, or active travel, such as walking and cycling. In exceptional circumstances contribution to transport costs may be considered by the HAF grant. This would be where there is demonstrable need and no alternative solutions for child/young person/family.

North Yorkshire County Council will be offering families an oportunity to utilise a taxi service to access your activity. Details of this will be shared with you once your application has been approved.

How will I be paid?

Once your application has been approved and all minimum operating standards have been met, your payment schedule will be sent on to North Yorkshire County Council to process. Once complete this can take up to a week to reach your account.

Grants will paid as per the schedule below. If your grant is £5,001 or above and you have concerns that the above payment schedule will impact your cashflow, do contact North Yorkshire Together as an alternative schedule may be negotiable.


Value of Grant Payment Schedule
£5,000 or less 100% up-front
£5,001 – £10,000 75% up-front, 25% upon completion of your activities
£10,001 or more 50% up-front, 25% mid-way through your activities, provided, 25% upon completion, provided that
Can I apply for funding outside the Christmas holidays?

No, this funding only covers the Christmas holiday period.

When will I find out if my application was successful?

Applicants will be advised of the outcome of their application as soon as we have made a decision but by Friday 5th November and Friday 3rd December at the latest.

What monitoring and evaluation will I have to provide?

Organisations will be required to complete and submit monitoring and evaluation forms by 10th January 2022. Information will include (but is not limited to):




Eligible / Non-SEND 



Eligible / SEND 



Non-FSM-eligible / non-SEND 



Non-FSM-eligible / SEND 



TOTAL number of HAF-funded attendees



Other – free



Other – paid-for



TOTAL number of attendees 



Average number of days attended




  • Any wider impact your sessions have had on those attending.
  • Participants’ feedback
  • Parental feedback

Financial reporting will include:

  • A breakdown of expenditure
  • A breakdown of any unspent grant.
How will I know what children are eligible for FSM?

North Yorkshire County Council will be suppling eligible children with a unique code. This code evidences their eligibility, and you should ensure they have the opportunity to provide this code when booking.

Does the project or scheme need to be in a particular area?

Children who are eligible to receive free school meals live in all areas of North Yorkshire, but distribution across the County is not equal. Therefore, we will be especially interested in deliverers who can engage the highest numbers of children within an area.

For information about the distribution of eligible children across North Yorkshire please see appendix 1, 2 and 3.

What support can I access?

Support from North Yorkshire Together:

There will be a range of support available to providers including but not limited to:

  • Support accessing food that meets the school standards.
  • Support on how to provide enrichment activities.
  • Support on how to provide physical activities and sport.
  • Support to increase your capacity outside the parameters of the Holiday Activities Fund
  • Support to provide educational opportunities for parents, carers, or other family members. These should provide advice on how to source, prepare and cook nutritious and low-cost food.
  • Support signposting to other services.
  • North Yorkshire County Council Libraries – Get your participants involved in the summer reading challenge! This year the theme is Wild World Heroes and is a celebration of reading, nature, and action for the environment. The Library team can offer storytimes and activity sessions for your programme, a collection of books for those wanting a quiet moment, or simply be there to talk about why books and reading are great activities. To access services please use the contact details below:

Support from external providers

  • Streets games are running webinars to support organisations to have built the confidence to put themselves forward for HAF funding, by sharing learning from previous holiday programmes and signposting to resources that can help with their applications.
  • Active Recovery Hub has been created with schools in mind but can be used by anyone. The hub is offering over 250 resources intentionally designed to spark ideas, to boost children and young people’s health and wellbeing by promoting physical activity.
  • Community First Yorkshire – Provide practical support to voluntary and community organisations, parish councils and social enterprises through their networks, projects, and services. We will also be using community First Yorkshire to advertise volunteering opportunities providers want to promote.
  • Club Matters – Club Matters is Sport England’s one stop shop for clubs, groups and organisations involved in the delivery of physical activity and sport. Club Matters provides free, convenient, practical resources to help organisations to develop, grow and become more sustainable and successful.
  • Yorkshire & Humber Learning Community – Online learning hub provided by North Yorkshire Sport, Active Humber, and Yorkshire Sport Foundation for anyone delivering exercise, sport or wellbeing in a community setting, club, or school.
  • HAF active – Top tips for those delivering activity & signposting to other support to help you get the physical activity part of your holiday provision right –
  • Change4 life – Discover sugar swaps, healthy recipes, nutritional advice, and top tips and activities to help your kids stay healthy.