Giving North Yorkshire’s Young People Their Childhood Back
Storm FEAST 4

As families prepare for the summer holidays, bookings go live today for FEAST – a programme that offers free activities and meals to eligible children and young people across North Yorkshire.

Many families struggle during the school holidays, particularly the longer six-week break in summer. For some, food and childcare costs increase and income decreases. For others, there are little to no affordable activities locally, and transport can be a big issue.

This is where FEAST, coordinated by North Yorkshire Together, can be a lifeline for families.

Max May, Strategic Director at North Yorkshire Together, explains:

“There is still a huge gap in the experience that some children have during the holidays, in terms of the activities they get to enjoy, their nutrition and their physical health. FEAST aims to shrink that gap, and enable all children and young people across the county to enjoy fun, safe and enriching activities that will help them to stay active, healthy and connected during the summer holiday.”

For Storm White, aged 12, in Whitby, the summer holidays aren’t the same for her as some of her friends at school. Storm is a young carer, helping to support her mum Lyndsay, who has Fibromyalgia, and who needs help to get dressed, to prepare food and take care of their dogs. Mum Lyndsay shares:


“I feel like I’ve stolen a lot of Storm’s childhood. I can’t go out and take her to things in the summer holidays like other families – we could plan something nice, but on the day, I might not be able to move.”

When Storm’s school contacted Lyndsay with information about FEAST, they looked into the activities and discovered Flash Company Arts, offering music and arts activities in nearby Flowergate Hall. Storm loved it right from the start, as Lyndsay explains:


“Flash are amazing, they do so much with the children. Last Easter holiday they built a huge robot – I’d never be able to do something like that with Storm. She plays, she has fun, and she gets to do the kinds of things a normal child should be getting up to. I feel like Flash is giving her some of that childhood back.”



For Lyndsay, it wouldn’t be possibly to send Storm to Flash without FEAST vouchers to cover the cost. This summer, over 16,000 children and young people will receive vouchers via their school to take part in FEAST activities for free. Each activity also includes a free meal.

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