Explorers Holiday Club – Selby Abbey

Week 1 of Abbey Explorers will see us rehearsing and performing a play in a week. We learn the songs and script and have fun playing games and making all the props and costumes. We perform the play to family, friends and other audience members. Week 2 of Abbey Explorers is an Arts and Crafts […]

Christmas Football and Multi-Sport Camps – Selby High School

We will provide a fun and engaging sports camp for a mixed age group setting that is also suitable for SEN children. Activities will include football, cricket, footgolf, hockey, basketball, athletics and much more. These will be 4 hour days and will focus heavily on team building, skill development and having fun! Suitable for ages […]

Camp Selby – Brayton Community Centre

Our FEAST programme is a mixture of sports, creativity and wellbeing. Our days will include high energy physical activities, with a balance of calm via a creative outlet such as drama, then we will end the day with mindfulness or reflection. We aim to provide our young people with a well-rounded offer which hopefully appeals […]

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