Video Workshops

The success of our #RADISH initiative during the first lockdown showed us just how valuable online workshops were to lots of you. That’s why we launched our Digital Programme!

We’re proud to say that every single video on our Digital Programme is:

  1. Free!
  2. Available to watch whenever you like.
  3. Designed to be follow-along-at-home.
  4. Led by a professional artist.
  5. Supporting that artist during a difficult time for the arts.

We have an ever-growing range of video workshops, from a wide variety of art forms; clay, printmaking, drama, music, dance, paper crafts, collage, photography…you name it!

If there’s something you really enjoyed making from our Digital Programme, or perhaps something you’d like to see programmed, let us know! You can get in touch using the Contact Us form on this website, or give us a ring on 01845 526536.

Happy Crafting!

Confident Crafters


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