Virtual Activities

In addition to the FEAST ‘in-person’ activities we will be adding a host of virtual activities right here for you to enjoy every week. From arts and crafts to fun physical activity sessions, it’s all here!

Painting on Canvas

Commedia Dell'Arte

Gymnastics with Max #1

Gymnastics with Max #2

Make your own cards

Join artist Ali Wilkes for some fun and simple mark making techniques that you can turn into an artful collage – or handmade Christmas cards! Low mess and easy to get stuck in, this #NorthYorkshireTogether​ is perfect for a day indoors, and you end up with some lovely cards to give to people and brighten their day.

Poetry and Dreams

Join poet and writer Adekola in this discussion of poetry workshop for teens and young adults and discover how it can help us learn more about ourselves.

This workshop is well suited to teens and young adults who might like to learn more about poetry and ways of writing your own poems. So pop the kettle on and settle down with some pen and paper as Adekola guides you through writing ideas and approaches.

Classroom Meditation

Paper Crafts

Join Sorcha as she guides you through how to make origami animals and other paper-based crafts from home. Once you’ve got down the basics, get creative with decorating your art! Please Note: These videos were recorded using live streaming technology and so there are some technical glitches. Please bear with us, they right themselves quickly!


Join Gus in our video workshop, as he teaches you the basics of how to write a song!

Gus’ experience as a musical theatre writer makes matching rhymes and coming up with verses as easy as ? 1…2…3? Complete word associations, find rhymes and build lyrics as you learn the foundations of lyric writing.

Storytelling & Costume

Join Jenna in this fabulously fun drama workshop where we’ll be looking at characters from Little Red Riding Hood! Learn about different ways to make a story, and get into character with items from home. There are even some revolting rhymes!

Artist Talk: Photography

Join professional photographer Lucy Saggers in today’s #NorthYorkshireTogether​ video as she discusses her craft and recent projects. Lucy’s work has previously featured in our cafe, so it’s a real treat to hear the thinking behind her photos and the processes she uses. Watch along, and maybe pick up some tips and ideas for your own photo shoots!

P.E With Joe

Around the World Folktales

Join Gemma from Hoglets Theatre on a fantastical tale around the world, following our characters as they hop from country to country.

Henri Matisse Collage

Join Katherina Radeva of Two Destination Language, as she shows you how to get creative with arranging your shapes and creating interesting compositions. All it takes is some scrap paper, glue, scissors and a bit of imagination to create these beautiful pieces of art!

Get Moving with The Lion King!

Get ready for a fitness adventure for the whole family! Move like Simba, Rafiki, Zazu, and more of your favorites from The Lion King.

Toy Stories in Stop Motion

Join stop motion whiz Kerri Jefferis, as she shows you how to bring your toys to life in this stop motion animation tutorial! Perfect for finding new ways to have fun with toys, Kerri walks you through the process step by step, so anyone can make their own animated stories.

Fashion Illustration

Rebecca of Rebecca Feneley Illustration shows us how to use magazine photos to make our own fashion illustrations. Create fabulous outfits, colour them in, and admire your handiwork!

Cosmic Kids Yoga

GET THOSE WRIGGLES OUT with a mix of  Yoga Disco tracks!

Yoga-based movement set to upbeat music. Can you do the full 12 minutes?

Storytelling in Indian dance

Did you know, how you position your hands in Indian Dance is a really important part of the storytelling?

Join Balbir Singh Dance Company as they show you the fascinating history of storytelling in Indian Dance. Kim shows you lots of different dance moves to make up your own stories, before Pracheeti puts all these together in a beautiful performance of Odissi, one of the oldest classical Indian dance styles.

Finger Puppets and Games

In this video Libby will show you how to get really creative, with these free games for kids to play at home – all you need are paper, pens and a pair of scissors! Not only that, in the second half of the video Libby gives us lots of ideas for fun games to play independently, to take some time out at home.

Superhero Fitness

Join Born Barikor for a workout super suitable for grown ups as well as kids. Grab your sidekick (a soft toy) and have some fun!

Barcode Art

Carlos shares a great technique for expressing your thoughts and ideas through colour ‘barcodes’ – why not give it a go!

Short Story Writing

Libby has lots of experience in writing short stories and for the stage, and in this video suggests some exercises you can do to warm up your creative brain, plus some helpful tips on taking your work further.

P.E with Joe

Join Born Barikor for a workout super suitable for grown ups as well as kids. Grab your sidekick (a soft toy) and have some fun!

Gymnastics with Max #3

Make a Book of You!

Keep memories and store creative ideas in a beautiful handmade book, using techniques such as collage, automatic writing and painting! Continue adding to your personalised book and create something that you’ll treasure forever!


In this video, Eve will walk you through how to make a macrame plant hanger!

Learn the basic knots, and see a tutorial for a plant pot hanger – plus some tips on how to customise your creations and make them your own. Macrame crafting is simple, relaxing, and brings a homely touch to any room.

Frozen Yoga

An epic kids yoga adventure inspired by Disney’s Frozen!

How to Make a Zine

Paper Cut Night Light

Douglas shows you how to make a paper cut lantern using only a jam jar, some card, and a craft knife!

Stay Fit at Home

Landscape Photography

Dean guides you through a landscape photography tutorial for beginners, giving you the skills needed to take breathtaking photos for yourself!


Superhero Fitness #2

Digital Theatre

Join professional theatre maker and playwright Neil Wechsler in today’s workshop as he shares his experience of making digital theatre at home! With tips on every step, from writing to editing, Neil provides lots of insight in this fun video – don’t forget to watch until the end for the blooper reel!

Trolls Yoga

A Cosmic Kids yoga adventure with the Trolls all about bringing happiness to the world!

Art Club Drawing Games


Fitness Blender Workout

Costume Props

Painted Sunsets

Andy's Wild Workout

Pressed Flowers and Suncatchers

Zen-tangle Landscapes

Everyone Active Workout

Wind Chimes

Drawing Nature

Sonic the Hedgehog Workout